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Middle & Upper School


2017 - 2018


Grade Seven


Welcome to Middle School. The transition from elementary school to middle/secondary school can be an exciting, yet challenging one. Students suddenly go from being the “seniors” of the elementary school to the “newcomers” in the secondary school. In addition to the change of buildings, your child is going through many other physical, emotional, and social changes.


Our middle school faculty is ready to orient your new seventh grader as to the mysteries and complexities of middle school. To do this with as little stress as possible, we have planned an Orientation for all upcoming grade 7 students and parents. This will take place, Thursday, August 3, a few days before regular classes begin. On Thursday, August 3, at 9:00 am we will officially welcome your middle school student into the 7th grade. Students should wear proper uniform that day.   Students will be introduced to the middle school faculty and staff. They will receive important information about books, locks, uniforms, classes, etc. Students will be divided into their homerooms. Homeroom teachers will show them the building, give them their schedule of classes, and assign locks/lockers. The students will then follow a sample schedule for each of their classes. They will meet their teachers, learn about books and supplies and get a taste for each aspect of 7th grade life. Students will be dismissed at 11:00 am.


Middle school students will be taking a series of exploratory/elective classes. Most students have already signed up for the classes they desired. All students are required to take Physical Education at least twice a cycle. They will also be given the opportunity to “explore” various classes such as cooking, computers, art, leadership, and study skills. Each of these will meet twice a cycle for at least one marking period. Students will then be able to continue or change to a different set of exploratory classes. In this way we hope students will better understand their interests and be able to choose high school electives more effectively.


Please encourage your seventh grader to read the summer books assigned for both English and Spanish classes. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (787) 843-2980 Ext. 231.


Grades 8 - 12


Casa Lopez in Calle Isabel, Ponce, will continue selling uniforms for our students. Please note the following important items:  Students are to be in complete and proper uniform at all times. Students who come to school out of uniform will need to call home to remedy the situation and will not be allowed into the classroom.

Only girls in grades 7-8 may wear the blue collared shirts. Girls in grades 9-11 require the use of the white collared shirt with school insignia with the navy blue vest. Middle school girls may opt to wear the white collared shirt with vest. Girls’ skirts are to be the appropriate length. All skirts are to sit at waist and cover the knees. They are to have enough hem to allow for growth.

Boys in grades 7-12 may use either the white or royal blue collared school shirt.  SHOES for all students must be BLACK. They must be the kind that can be shined, not canvas, sneakers, or boots. Boys must use dress pants, not jeans. They must use a solid color black or dark brown belt at all times. SOCKS- parents please purchase CREW length socks only. Plain white (NO INSIGNIA OR DESIGN ALLOWED ON SOCKS). The footy type of sock is not allowed. The sock must cover the ankle. For boys the socks are to be same length (CREW) in navy blue, black or white.

Special shirts- club shirts may only be worn on the meeting days approved by the administration.  Casual Day attire in the secondary school- For the last three years the Student Council has developed the casual day attire which consists of a class t-shirt, jeans and closed shoes (such as sneakers). We plan to continue this practice for many of our Casual Days this year. The t-shirts are reasonably priced and can be purchased through the Student Council. Students not wishing to participate in the Casual Day must be in complete uniform.


Summer Reading - Each grade level has English and Spanish summer reading books. Please encourage your child to read these as they will be evaluated on them when we return in August. A list of the summer reading and the supplemental books to be read during the academic year is in the Secondary Office.


Activities- Our school has recently been very active in extracurricular activities and we hope to continue this year adding to these.  Clubs will soon begin their promotions; students, please join our Clubs!