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Supervised Study Hall

Our after school program is offered to provide our children and youth with a safe and secure place when school is not in session until parents can pick them up.  


The SUPERVISED STUDY HALL, our after school program, is held in the school cafeteria, or Panthers' Lunchroom. Guards will escort all students who are on campus unsupervised after 3:30 PM to the cafeteria and there parents will sign them out when they arrive.


In the Study Hall students can work on schoolwork, have a snack or even play board games.  In fact, if families have board games they could donate we will have a supply on hand so that students can play a game with their friends while they wait.   There is no charge for 10-15 minutes past the hour if parents have difficulty arriving by 3:30 PM.  Otherwise the charge will be $5 for an hour or part of an hour.  This is as a way to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students.