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Dear Caribbean School Alumni and Friends:


On October 5, only two weeks after the Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Caribbean School was able to resume operations half-day classes. During that time our employees faced urgent demands at home but their instinct was to put aside their own needs and be present in school, pitching in in order to get our campus ready to welcome students.  Once we opened the school, even with severe limitations, learning took place in a climate of care and support that has always defined our unique school community.  Our staff effort is a testament not only to their remarkable professionalism and loyalty to our school, but to their determination to help our students “turn the page” and return to the comforting daily routines of school.  Since October 19, we are running a normal class schedule. 


As you may already know, the Caribbean School Trust Fund better known as Endowment was established this year to authenticate the School’s fund-raising process and has been distributed into 3 specific areas: General Fund – will support faculty and staff  to move forward better academy excellence by giving their school a predictable source of revenue and financial stability;  Scholarship Fund -  will make available scholarship grants and provide essential services that allow students to focus on their education;  Construction Fund -  priority items under this category are a PA System, a Power Generator, replacing windows in order to preserve energy and increase capability for air conditioning installation in each classroom or lab. Air conditioning these days is not a luxury but a necessity and especially after the hurricane, since we have less shade from trees.  Even research implies that extreme high temperatures can negatively affect students and teachers’ health and performance; Allen and Fischer (1978), Benya (2001), Dockrell and Shield (2006), Duran-Narucki (2008).


When you make a financial contribution your donation can be aligned to a specific portion or activity of your preference.  Remember that donations are fully tax deductible since Caribbean School has IRS 501 (c) (3) non- profit status.  Also, the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code, section 1101 allows tax payers to make deductions as specified under the code.  Donations received by December 31 of this year can be applied to your year 2017 tax returns.



At this moment, to truly fulfill the needs of your Alma Mater we ask for the full support of our Alumni community.    Our goal is to raise $500,000 in order to provide the best quality education to our students.  To this end, we encourage you to donate to our Caribbean School Endowment.  Please, make a financial contribution to one or more one of our various ‘post- Hurricane Maria’ initiatives.  The opportunity we are facing will give us a chance to restructure energy efficient and independent and be better prepared for future potential disasters or emergencies to come.  Specific donation areas include:


  • Supporting Faculty and Staff after Hurricane Maria – General Fund
  • Restoration of Campus Buildings and Grounds – Construction Fund
  • Renovating and Improving our Physical Classrooms – Construction Fund
  • Updating the School’s Electrical Infrastructure and Technology Support – Construction Fund
  • Growing the School’s General Endowment – General and Scholarship Funds


To make a donation, please visit our webpage at:  and make your contribution online.  You can also send a check, payable to Caribbean School, and specify the purpose of your donation in the memo line of the check.  Our mailing address is:  Caribbean School, attn. Development, 1689 Navarra St, Ponce, and P.R. 00730.  If you have any question about donating, please contact me, Mayra J. Ramirez, Ed.S, Director of Development, at (787) 843- 2048, ext.  1007, or email:


Thanks for your interest and generous support.  Your donation will aid in relieving the impact of added extraordinary and sustained operational costs and will guarantee the best education for our students.




The Caribbean Alumni organization seeks to cultivate a relationship with our graduates. At Caribbean School we nurture pride, loyalty, legacy, and a life-long connection among alumni, students, parents and friends.  We want to foster a spirit of loyalty and promote the general welfare of Caribbean School.



Our Goals:


  • Learn about your success
  • Promote initiatives and events 
  • Conduct an annual celebration event
  • Design mentoring activities for students
  • Celebrate accomplishments of Caribbean and its Alumni


Panthers 2017!


We are looking for enthusiastic graduates who are willing to take on the initiative and sustain it!

For additional information, please contact, Mayra J. Ramírez, Ed.S. Director of Development.


Caribbean Alumni


1689 Navarra Street

Ponce, P.R.  00730

Phone: 787- 843-2048

Fax: 787- 844-5626



Thank you for your support!