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Welcome from the Board of Directors

July 31, 2018


Dear Caribbean School Families,


As we prepare to welcome families back for the start of the new school year, we wanted to provide the community an update on the many exciting projects taking place on campus.  Following a remarkably busy summer, we are pleased to share the significant progress that has been made in our many Phase One project areas.  Here is a brief update:


Classroom A/C Project


The Classroom A/C Project is nearing completion, with the purchase and installation of an energy efficient, inverter type, air conditioning system for all Lower and Upper School classrooms. In addition to the actual classroom A/C units themselves, project-related features include the construction of concrete pads for the new condensing units, installation of glass inserts on all existing steel classroom doors, elimination of all aluminum “screen” doors, and the installation of plastic “screens” on all classroom windows.  Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a temporary delay with the improvements required for the electrical system, due to the unavailability of some industrial grade electrical components.  These improvements are expected to be completed in a six to eight week period, and by then, with all other A/C related installation tasks completed, we will be able to turn on the system for all Lower and Upper School classrooms.  In the meantime, we are installing temporary A/C units in both Pre-Kinder and Kinder classrooms as well as other classrooms where A/C units were previously available.   The bottom line:  Cooler days for everyone are just around the corner!


Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten Classrooms


As part of our new Early Childhood Center, we are opening a second Pre-Kinder classroom and relocated both Kindergarden classrooms so that all four are now nestled together in the 1st floor northwest corner of the Lower School Courtyard, with immediate access to the small playground near the old classroom trailers and Main Administrative Building.  Specific upgrades include new in-classroom bathrooms for each grade level, storage closets, ceiling fascias, acoustic ceilings, new LED lighting and a fresh paint job. These classrooms are being upgraded in phases and will be carefully analyzed to determine which improvements provide a better acoustic experience for teachers and students, thus improving the physical pedagogical characteristics of each room. These findings will be used to determine a plan for the eventual refurbishment of all other classrooms in school. 


Trailer Removal


Speaking of the old wood-construction classroom trailer… it’s not there anymore!  Following demolition this summer, all that remains is the steel beam substructure which will be removed in the coming week in order to open up space for an expanded playground area and eventual new permanent-construction classrooms and labs. The Administration and the Board are working with FEMA to identify mitigation funds that can be allocated to the construction of these new facilities. 


Campus Safety and Facilities/Operations


As part of our campus safety improvements, we have installed a new Classroom Intercommunication System that will permit direct voice-over-IP communications between all school areas, providing a much needed safety tool.  This fall, our various Business Office and Maintenance personnel will be meeting with the administration to develop a comprehensive new Campus Crisis, Safety and Emergency Plan to better insure the safety of our entire school community.   We are also scheduling the installation of an emergency generator and a new 18,000 gallon cistern tank and pump system to avoid having to suspend classes due to continued disruptions in electricity and water service caused by future storms or other unexpected events. Other major projects this fall include the installation of ADA compliant doorknobs on all doors and remastering of all locks on doors and padlocks on gates (another much needed safety improvement), as well as waterproofing all Upper and Lower School roofs with a 10-year guarantee urethane system. 


 We hope you are as pleased as we are by the significant progress being made, and thank you in advance for your continued support as we build towards the future of our school.