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College Advising

College Advising Program


The College Advisor at Caribbean School assists all students and parents from grades 9th to 12th in the college preparedness and application process.  This includes occupational guidance, college placement, educational planning, testing, curriculum evaluation, summer program guidance.  Students and parents are welcomed to meet with the College Advisor by scheduling an appointment.


Middle school introduction to career interests and how to start preparing for college in conjunction with teachers.


Example of Services Provided

  Advising with students individually or in groups.

∙  Academic guidance which includes class selection, educational planning.

∙  Establishing Organizational Skills, Time Management, Study Habits among others.

∙  College Fairs and College Visit coordination for institutions in PR, US and International.

∙  Essay review upon request.

∙  Review of applications.

∙  Monitor application deadlines.

∙  Consultation with teachers, administrators, and parents.

∙  Administration of Interest inventories.

∙  Career interest assessment.

∙  Provide summer and special programs information.

∙  Complete recommendations for college applications and summer and special programs.

∙  Provide information on Financial Aid process and scholarship programs.

∙  Coordinate student visits to universities.

∙  Coordinate career presentations.

∙ Coordinate Testing resources for students.

∙  Coordinate Advance Placement resources.

∙  Informational parent meetings at the beginning of the school year.


Through self-knowledge and early skill identification, our students are able to select institutions of higher learning and academic programs that fit their needs and interests.  The advisor works extensively with each student in preparing for college by working to match each individual’s desires and abilities with the right colleges and universities and we strive to teach our students the value of learning as they progress throughout the application and admission processes.  Our desire is that both parents and students will work together to investigate their options, making the process more open, enjoyable and meaningful. By developing personal responsibility, our students learn that they are capable of achieving to the highest ability.  Our program is designed by applying best practices from all over the world in order to prepare our students to be successful in this process.