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Community Service


Community Service Hours


As required, 25 hours must be completed on a yearly basis.  If a student clocks more than 25 hours per year he/she will not be able to “bank” the extra hours for future years.  For example, if a 9th grade student (class of 2016) works 50 hours on the academic year 2012-2013 he will only receive 25 hours as credit for the year.  He/she cannot “bank” the extra hours for future years.  Students can complete up to ten (10) hours during the summer months.  The hours must be pre-approved by the Principal and coordinator ahead of time.  The rest of the hours (15) must be completed during the academic year.


The goal of community service is for students to experience the concerns and problems of the communities that surround them as well as to provide possible solutions to some of the issues.  These experiences will help our students to develop a compassionate attitude and better understanding of what is civic responsibility while serving others.


Caribbean School has been working with several local not for profit institutions and organizations.  All community service hours must be completed at one of the already approved sites or ahead of time by the Principal and College Counselor.  If a site is not approved in advance by Caribbean School the service hours will not be recognized.

Caribbean students know they play an important role in supporting their school.  During this June 2017, while on vacation, various students gave their time to conduct a community service gardening project.  This was a team effort from: Natalia Inés Rodríguez-Chávez (team leader), her sister Ana Nicole Rodríguez-Chávez, Brittney Burris, Camila Silva, Angelica Santos, and María Munoz.  We commend these students for their outstanding efforts!