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Clubs And Activities


Looking for a Club?  Welcome to our Clubs and Activities.  Clubs are fun and healthy.  They help create an environment of togetherness and students develop ideas and projects.  Come find out where you belong!


Our Clubs are:  Cheerleaders, Scuba Diving, Zumba, Guitar Club, Table Games, Scrapbooking, Math Homework Club, Arts & Crafts, Art Club, Poesia (in Spanish) Club, Computer Club, Drama Club, Spelling Bee, Magazine Club.


Students attend Space Camp in 6th grade and Washington DC (Close-Up Trip) in 10th grade.  


Do you prefer a sport?  Ask your coach about our teams:  Basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, or futsal.


Here is our latest Caribbean Times Magazine - Part II.  This magazine is written and designed entirely by our students in our Magazine Club.  Hope you enjoy.