Transcript Request & FERPA Form

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Transcript requests are fulfilled by the registrar. The forms can be found in our Administration Office or you can download the PDF file at the bottom of the page. Forms must be filled out in their entirety. The student’s name, graduation date, withdrawal and/or their current grade.
Please provide an accurate and complete address for mailing. Transcripts are mailed certified/registered for proof of arrival at its destination. If the transcript is to be picked up, it will be fulfilled by the next working day of the request. Also when requesting a transcript please note that PK and Kindergarten are not included in this format. Only report cards can be given for these grades. Transcript information for all grades 1-12 contain five years of all academics taken and completed at Caribbean School.
Seniors attending Caribbean School in the current year are entitled to (3) official transcripts free of charge. Additional official transcripts if mailed have a fee of $10.00 each. If it is for pick up the fee is $5.00. Official and unofficial transcripts to be sent via email are free of charge with correct email address. Student copies are also free of charge. Fees are to be paid in cash or money order in the Business Office.
Along with our transcript request form, we must also have a signed FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form for release of all academic information.  
If you have any questions, please contact the HOS Administrative Assistant/Registrar (Wilda Esponda) at 787-843-2048 ext. 1000.