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Message from the Head of School

Though I recently joined the CS Panther Team at the start of the second semester (January 2020), and I have spent limited time in a full, on-campus experience, I have witnessed the famed Puerto Rican resiliency first hand. Side by side with my team of teachers, administrators, and staff, we worked diligently to train, prepare and open as a Distance Learning School, and within weeks we redesigned the campus to transition our students into a blended learning model. Then, just when we returned to a full on-campus schedule, the whole of Puerto Rico was placed in “lockdown,” and so it began again, training, redesigning, and reopening as a Virtual Learning School, in a record 3 days!

This experience has been much like a Sci Fi movie, with our CS faculty casted as superheroes, and our children as our life’s mission to serve and protect. We continue to forge through this Charles Darwin “survival of the fittest” plot, in which we overcome and surpass challenges with superhuman powers. We have bent to extremes, but we have not broken, and we continue to provide a loving and caring environment for our children to thrive.

I am grateful for being part of this Panther Community, leading a team that puts safety, wellbeing, and academic excellence at the forefront of all we do. It is with much gratitude and appreciation that I proclaim our story “Mission Possible!

Cindy Pieterick
Head of Caribbean School